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Dentistry Automation’s Revenue Cycle Management –  works for you to organize and see your unclaimed funds and give you a comprehensive report of payors and debtors.
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Revenue Cycle Management

What Revenue Cycle Management can do for you

  • Provide accurate claims status.
  • Access to information on carrier type, provider, and policy holder.
  • Pull data from any PMS and centralize it since it works with many PMS.
  • You can even add notes for patients in claims.
  • Integrates with almost every practice management system as it is PMS agnostic.
  • Users can find claims data in an excel sheet.
  • There’s a support claims follow up option as well.
  • Shows data on insurance accounts receivable (AR), rejected and denied claims.
  • Real-time update on claims status and eligibility information.
  • Show patient benefits.

We have saved the best for the last. Dentistry Automation’s RCM tool can write the status of the claim into any PMS using APIs without actually having to access the PMS.


A straightforward and clean data grid for revenue cycle management (RCM) agents to keep track of the claims processing and status.

Change Healthcare Integration

RCM is integrated with Change Healthcare exchange to retrieve the claims-related information in an automated fashion with the 2nd and 5th day status of the claim.

Claims Details

Patient ID, claims amount, insurance type, and payor details are all shown in a detailed manner for every single patient.

HIPAA Compliance

Our RCM tool keeps the data secure and makes sure that only authorized users have access.

Writes Back Data Into PMS

Dentistry Automation’s RCM tool can write all the latest patient status back into the patient’s file.

Managing Multiple Locations

PMS data from multiple locations of dental practice/DSO is easily manageable from the dashboard.

Detailed Eligibility Report for Users

To make it easier for dental practices and DSOs, our automation tool offers a detailed report on insurance eligibility. This report includes patient details like: 

  • Every minute patient detail from the PMS
  • Status of insurance
  • Details of Payor
  • Patient’s coverage
  • Coverage date of insurance
  • Age limitations
  • Information on deductibles
  • Patient’s history on services
  • Patient’s procedure code expenses
  • Various eligibility statuses like eligible, partially eligible, or not eligible
Report Analysis

Report Analysis

  • Large amounts of data simplified with detailed claims reporting.
  • All the data is directly extracted from the insurance portal.
  • Reports on accounts receivable, gross production, total insurance Account Receivable (AR) %, count of open claims, and statused claims.
  • Location-based data of the practice/DSO is available from the current month to the beginning of the claims.
  • Users can download the insurance claims reports in the pdf format.
Report Analysis

Liberate your RCM Agents with a Comprehensive Tool to Manage your A/R

Dentistry Automation’s Revenue Cycle Management tool is one-stop solution that simplifies the life of Revenue Collection Agents with a simple and elegant tool to manage various Accounts Receivables and post them in the Practice Management System (PMS). If you are still wondering why you should get our RCM services. How about this:

Supported PMS

Tracker intelligent software
Cloud 9 Software
Open dental software
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Planet DDS denticon
Dentrix Enterprise logo
Dentrox ascend

Supported PMS

Supported PMS


What kind of revenue management services does Dentistry Automation offer?

Dentistry Automation’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Tool can help you track accurate claims status, and provide reports on accounts receivable, and rejected claims. It also provides a write-back option with claims follow-up, and much more.

Can I download claims reports in pdf or excel format?

Yes, there’s an option to download claims report on gross production, count of open/closed claims, denied claims, accounts receivable, total insurance AR%. You can download all this in pdf or excel format from Dentistry Automation’s RCM tool. 

Is there an option to access payor details in Dentistry Automation’s RCM tool?

Users can check the list of all the payors from our RCM tool with a single click. There’s also a filter option to look for specific payor details.

What are some of the unique features of Dentistry Automation’s RCM tool?

SimplifiDentistry’s RCM tool can use API to write claims data into any PMS without having to access the PMS. Users can also manage data of PMS from multiple locations, and integrate with any PMS since the SimplifiDentistry’s RCM tool is PMS agnostic.

How many payors can I integrate with Dentistry Automation’s RCM?

There’s absolutely no limit to the number of payors a dental practice can integrate with Dentistry Automation’s RCM tool, it all depends on the user. To do this, we need the payor list from you and also the payor priority list.

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