How it Works

Our wide range of automated solutions for solo practices and DSO are to transform how they function and improve efficiency by saving time and money.

The data extracted from the Practice Management System (PMS) by the OneAPI engine is leveraged in data analytics, measuring operational efficiency and various other financial forecasting.

All you have to do is choose the right tool for your business and we will handle the rest, or should I say the automation will.

All in one - OneSuite

PMS Integrated

For Desktop-based PMS Solutions 

Dental practices have been using desktop-based PMS for a long time now. If you are one of those practices who is comfortable in using a desktop-based PMS then we got just the thing for you. 

Eaglesoft, Opendental software, Tracker, Dentrix  and WinOMS are PMS solutions for desktop-based users.

PMS solutions for Solo Practices 

Just because you have a single practice under your belt doesn’t mean it is easy to handle the huge amounts of patient data. With new patients’ details and changes that are to be made every day, one can only wish there was a simpler way.

Well, there is an easier way with Dentistry Automation’s Dentrix,
Eaglesoft, Opendental software, Tracker, and WinOMS PMS solutions. We help all kinds of dental practices to manage their PMS. Even if it is solo practice bearing all the heavyweight.

PMS Solutions for DSOs

In case you are knee deep in data with multiple practices, we can simplify all that with our PMS solutions that are also suitable for DSO and multiple practice owners using desktop-based PMS. Our Enterprise PMS solutions include OpenDental Enterprise  and Dentrix Enterprise. These work regardless of your practice size and location.

For Cloud-Based PMS Solutions 

We know what you are thinking, what about cloud-based PMS solutions? Well, we got that as well. You can opt for our Cloud-based PMS solutions like Cloud9, Dentrix Ascend, and Fuse.

All these solutions are to reduce your manual effort, save you time, automate your services, and at the end of the day, improve your productivity and efficiency.

With Dentistry Automation, there is one source of data extraction from PMS, where data extraction is done in a PMS agnostic way. The resulting data set can be leveraged for any of the offered Dentistry Automation solutions. This means you can use the extracted data for KPI Dashboard, eligibility verification, Claims Tracker, and others, regardless of what kind (Cloud or on-premise) of PMS you use.

Payors Integrated

Dentistry Automation seamlessly integrates with multiple payor portals, be it Medicaid or PPO. This also works for multiple locations. Check out the full list of payors from here 

Supported PMS

Dentistry Automation Onboarding Process

Dentistry Automation Onboarding Process

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