Case Study

An in-depth analysis of our projects to understand the problems and solutions we offered our clients.


Helping dental client make data driven insights with PMS agnostic tool

One of our dental industry clients is a DSO that operates more than 130 dental practices. They contacted us to create a Data Warehouse to store the data and a means to extract all the critical data from their 15 unique PMS. This data would help them perform data analytics to get various KPIs and understand their business and improve their services….

Automated payment posting solutions to improve workflow

A DSO was struggling with manually checking payments from Stripe and updating the details on their practice management software. Since the client has practices in 6 different locations, the process was becoming really difficult for them to handle and a waste of time and resources.
Payment Posting
Claims Tracking

Streamlining Claims Management with Automated Claims Tracking

A DSO client operating multiple dental practices was facing issues with the claims management as they were using a manual process. They were facing issues like tracking accurate claims status, missing out on claims, delayed/denied claims, issues with resubmission, and payment errors.