Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI is a mighty data extraction tool for dental practices and DSOs to utilize the power of data. OneAPI will allow you to extract patient data from Practice Management Systems (PMS) and use this data to get business insights, financial forecasting, and other data-driven statistics.

  • Get access to Master data and Transaction data sets.
  • Extract data from almost every PMS as our OneAPI is PMS agnostic.
  • Improve operational efficiency with data insights.
  • Download the PMS data from OneAPI in an excel or .CSV format. 

KPI Dashboard

Whether you are managing a single practice or a DSO, how wonderful would it be to have all the operational data at your fingertips? SimplifiDentistry’s KPI dashboard will do just that for you.
A single comprehensive dashboard to analyze all the data from a PMS, across multiple locations of a dental practice or DSO. This will help you make the right strategic decisions for your business.

  • Extract Operational and Financial KPI from the PMS and download it in excel or .CSV format.
  • SimplifiDentistry’s KPI Dashboard is highly customizable.
  • Get charts, graphs, and tables of analyzed data for deeper business intuition.
KPI Dashboard

Claims Tracker

Tracking insurance claims can be a tiring task, but all that changes with Dentistry Automation’s Claims Tracker . Our Claims Tracker helps you to organize and see your unclaimed funds, and gives you a comprehensive report on payors and debtors.

  • Users get accurate claim’s status, and information on carrier type, policy holder, provider, and other claims details.
  • Can centralize data of almost every PMS as it is PMS agnostic.
  • Comprehensive reports on accounts receivable, gross production, total insurance Account Receivable (AR) %, count of open claims, denied, and rejected claims.
  • An option to add patient notes and follow up claims support.
Claims Tracker
Eligibility Verification

Eligibility Verification

Understand your patient’s insurance coverage and eligibility through a simplified automated process. Dentistry Automation’s Eligibility verification automates 80% of your manual task so you can spend more time on other important stuff.

  • Checks the patient’s eligibility for the next 7 days.
  • Writes back patient’s data in PMS under the patient records.
  • Reports on insurance coverage, payor details, patient’s coverage, and many more.
  • All reports and details are downloadable in pdf format.
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Online Appointment

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