Did you know incorrect insurance verification can lead to claim denials and lost revenue?
Many dental practices and DSOs struggle with manually verifying patient insurance eligibility, often relying on outdated and inaccurate information.

This results in unnecessary claim rejections and 20+ hours of wasted manual labor every week, causing frustration for both the staff and patients.
The lack of real-time eligibility verification can lead to appointment scheduling issues and negatively impact patient experience.

We understand the challenges you face in managing insurance eligibility verification and its consequences on your practice.

That's why Dentistry Automation is proud to introduce our Insurance Eligibility Verification solution.
Our solution automates and streamlines the insurance verification process, providing accurate and real-time information.
Say goodbye to appointment scheduling conflicts and insurance-related issues as our solution verifies patient eligibility in seconds and your front desk now spends 70% less time on manual work.
Our intelligent BoTs extract 90% of data from the payor portal or the clearing house and display this data on the Insurance Eligibility Verification portal.
It writes back the patient’s data in PMS after it is either auto-approved or manually approved by verification agents.
Our solution is PMS-agnostic, so it integrates seamlessly with your existing practice management system and provides easy-to-read reports and notifications.
You can have complete control over the configurable reports and analytics to optimize your revenue cycle management.
It has API endpoints available for 3rd party applications to consume.
Our Insurance Eligibility Verification solution helps you enhance patient satisfaction by 80%, ensuring that their insurance coverage is accurate, reducing claim rejections by 75%, and improving appointment scheduling.
It's time to upgrade your practice and DSOs with Dentistry Automation's solution to revolutionize your practice and boost your patient retention & revenue.

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Know your patients insurance eligibilty in an instant

Results? Less time, more patients, more business insights, more actionable data, and more profits.

  • Extracts 90% of data compared to other tools that extract only 30%-40% data.
  • Writes back patient’s data in PMS under the patient records.
  • Downloads eligibility reports from payors portal in pdf format.
Eligibility Verification
Eligibility Verification reports
Eligibility Verification

Eligibility Verification

What Eligibility Verification can do for you

Dentistry Automation’s powerful and highly intuitive PMS agnostic tool reduces the tedious insurance verification process to a few clicks. This will cut down the whole process to 4-5 seconds.

  • Automates eligibility verification tasks.
  • Reduced human errors.
  • Provide access to the payor’s list.
  • Save time by eliminating manual tasks.
  • 100% Data accuracy.
  • In case a patient’s eligibility information is not scraped then it also allows for manual verification.
  • Agent performance measures the bot performance based on time taken to extract and load data from the PMS.
  • Access to all the patient data without compromising on HIPAA compliance.
  • All the patient data is constantly updated in real-time.
  • Automate all your insurance verification process or do it manually through our browsers.
  • No need to login to read and write onto the PMS, we do it for you.
  • Checks patient eligibility from day 0 to day 7.

A Detailed Report

To make it easier for dental practices and DSOs, our automation tool offers a detailed report on Eligibility verification. This report includes patient details like:

A detailed report of the eligibility verification of a patient is available in PDF format (Eligibility Verification pdf of an individual patient record can be attached to the PMS).

We can customize it to your preference/format.

  • Insurance status
  • Payor details
  • Patient’s Coverage
  • Insurance coverage date
  • Limitations on age
  • Details on deductibles
  • Patient’s history on services
  • Expenses made by a patient on procedure code
  • Patient details from the PMS
  • Claims’ status (whether eligible, partially eligible, or not eligible)

Customize the insurance workflow to match it with your organizational workflow.

Report icon
Customize the insurance workflow to match it with your organizational workflow.

Customize it to your preference.

We can customize it to your preference

Here's How It works

The solution automates the entire process of finding patients who have appointments for today or any day in the future (up to 7 days).


First, we use the PMS credentials provided to us by our clients to extract the data.


The bots then extract the PMS data of the patient who has an appointment, as a scheduled job overnight.


The patient data that we get is from the payor’s portal.

Supported PMS

Results You’ll Notice

accuracy icon

Increased accuracy.

paperwork icons

Minimal paperwork.

roi icons

Substantial increase in revenue with huge ROI.

savings icons

Approximately $3M-$4M per year in annual savings.

efficiency icons

Expect 80% improved efficiency at your practice/DSO.


Are Dentistry Automation’s tools and services HIPAA complaint?

Yes,   Dentistry Automation’s tools and services are HIPAA compliant and we make sure that there is no breach of data. We only provide information to authorized users who follow all the guidelines from HIPAA.

What changes do I have to make with my PMS to use Dentistry Automation’s Eligibility verification tool?

There are absolutely no changes in terms of integration as our tool is PMS agnostic. It can integrate with almost any  PMS without having to update or change your practice management system.

How does Dentistry Automation’s Eligibility verification tool help us?

Dentistry Automation’s eligibility verification tool will automate most of your manual processes like extracting data from PMS, checking for patient eligibility for the next 7 days, writing patient data back into the PMS, providing a detailed report on payors, insurance status, and many other things. So, you’ll basically save a lot of time and improve your dental practice or DSO’s efficiency.

My DSO operates multiple practices in multiple locations. So, do I have to use a separate tool for each location?

No. Dentistry Automation’s eligibility verification tool works for multiple practices from multiple locations --  Dentistry Automation’s provides a single dashboard to check the data of PMS from various locations regardless of where you are using the software.

How many times do I have to check for Eligibility verification of a patient?

Dentistry Automation’s eligibility verification tool automatically checks for Eligibility verification multiple times before the appointment date. It checks the patient’s eligibility status 3 times before the scheduled appointment. The first time it checks 5 days before the appointment, then 3 days before the appointment, and finally the day before the appointment date.

How do I get started with Dentistry Automation's tools and services?

To start using our services, we first need access to all kinds of PMS credentials (Desktop and Cloud) and understand your business requirements. You can book a demo or contact us through our mail: to get a quote and discuss details.

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