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Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI helps practices extract their PMS data in an instant.
One API management
One API management


What OneAPI can do for you

The single truth source for any practice is its Practice Management System (PMS). One of the most requested data from the PMS that practices would like to leverage is the various KPIs.

We offer DSOs and dental practices a way to manage their multiple PMS through a single interface. This interface is from our OneAPI product. OneAPI makes your data PMS agnostic and will help you standardize the data output for multiple data sets like Master data and Transaction data.

Dentistry Automation’s flagship product, OneAPI, is the core solution for any dentistry or DSO. OneAPI will help DSOs and dental practices with data extraction from the PMS to leverage it in data analytics, measuring operational efficiency, and various other financial forecastings. 

Dentistry Automation's OneAPI can extract these data point

Master Data such as

Transaction Data such as

This transaction-level data is rolled up into a data warehouse which the practices can analyze any way they want. 

OneAPI allows you to easily extract data from any of the data contexts mentioned above in a PMS agnostic way. Pick the data that you are looking for and click on the extract button. You can also download the data in excel or CSV format for your future consumption

All the KPIs from KPI dashboard are also exposed as OneAPI end points.

PMS Agnostic

Our product is PMS agnostic which means it can integrate effortlessly with many PMS. This allows the OneAPI library to extract data from both cloud and on-premise PMS.

If you have data coming from multiple PMS from various locations then centralizing and analyzing the data can be difficult. Our OneAPI eliminates any such difficulty by providing a single standard PMS report from multiple PMS. 

Supported PMS


What kind of data can I manage with OneAPI?

Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI helps dental practice owners and DSOs to track and manage both Transaction data and Master data. Patient, Practice, Carrier, and Procedure Code are a few things that come under Master data. In Transaction data, you will see data sets like Appointments, Claims, Accounts Receivable, and Treatment Plans among other things.

Can I use Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI to manage data from multiple PMS?

Yes, Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI can handle data from multiple PMS regardless of their locations. Do you have 15, 20, or 50 PMS? Regardless, our OneAPI can centralize the data and provides a UI-rich dashboard to access the data and offer accurate business insights to make smart data-based decisions.

Does Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI have an option to write data into PMS?

Any latest update about the patient’s status or details that you have can be written back to PMS. So, yes, OneAPI can write data back to patient's file in any supported Cloud-based or desktop-based PMS. Some of those PMS include Eaglesoft, Dentrix, OpenDental, Dolphin Cloud, WinOMS desktop, are a few of them.

Does Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI work with Cloud-based PMS?

Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI is PMS agnostic, meaning, it integrates with many PMS. Be it cloud-based or on-premise PMS. 

How do I kickstart my journey of using Dentistry Automation’s OneAPI for my business?

It’s pretty simple actually, get in touch with us using this hello@dentistryautomation.com to get a quote or you can also book a demo for the OneAPI product

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