See through your business on a single screen

Dentistry Automation’s KPI Dashboard enables practices to get an overview of their business on a single comprehensive dashboard. You can analyze data across multiple locations.

KPI Dashboard
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KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard

What KPI Dashboard can do for you

Whether you are managing a single practice or a DSO, how wonderful would it be to have all the operational data at your fingertips. Data that can be analyzed to plan for the future growth of your practice.

Here comes the KPI Dashboard. One of the most popular module offerings of Dentistry Automation.

• Provides data of a very high level to take strategic decisions.
• Analyzed data is visualized with the help of charts, graphs and tables.
• Works with any kinds of system as it is PMS agnostic.
• The above data will help solo practices and DSO to make strategic decisions.
• The dashboard is highly customizable for each practice.
• Required data can also be tailored to your business needs.
• The dashboard has a user-friendly UI.

Just pick the data that you need and click on the extract button. You can also download the data in excel or .CSV format for your future consumption.

Insights You See from Dentistry Automation's KPI Dashboard

Financial KPI

Operational KPI

Supported PMS

Tracker intelligent software
Cloud 9 Software
Open dental software
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Dentrox ascend

Supported PMS


What metrics Dentistry Automation's KPI dashboard tracks?

Dentistry Automation's KPI dashboard tracks various financial and operational metrics of a dental practice or a DSO to offer a simplified view of all the important metrics, options, and features that a dental practice needs.

A few examples of financial metrics include collection, production, accounts receivable, scheduled production by the provider, etc. When it comes to operational metrics, those include doctor visits, hygiene visits, appointments, new patient details, and cancelled appointments are a few of them.

Is it possible to customize the Dentistry Automation's KPI Dashboard?

Yes, Dentistry Automation's KPI dashboard is highly customizable for each dental practice or a DSO based on the user requirements.

Can I download the charts and graphs of various metrics from Dentistry Automation's KPI Dashboard?

There is an option to download any charts, graphs, or tables in .CSV format from Dentistry Automation's KPI Dashboard. This will provide great business insights into your dental practice and DSO.

Does a single KPI Dashboard show business insights from multiple practices?

Yes, Dentistry Automation's KPI Dashboard will allow users to check metrics from multiple practices and get custom-built insights in the form of charts and graphs. You can use a single dashboard to correlate data from multiple locations to make data-driven decisions.

How can I get help if there’s an issue with the KPI Dashboard?

In case you are facing any issues with Dentistry Automation's KPI Dashboard, you can click on the “Support” or “Help” option provided on the left menu. You can also get help by dropping us an email on 

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