Using KPI Dashboard to bring success to your dental practice

Using KPI Dashboard to bring success to your dental practice

Welcoming a brand-new year means looking back and digging into all the details to decipher where you missed the mark and what the trends tell about your practice’s successes.

So, you must start by taking a glance at your KPIs, all the way back to the beginning of the year.

  • What would you like to change about collection & production numbers?
  • Which metrics can help achieve the changes necessary to work toward your dental practice’s goals?
  • And of course, is your dental practice regularly tracking treatment acceptance rates?

Our Dentistry Automation’s custom dashboard can give you a bird-eye view of all the areas, which need improvements and modifications just by clicking a button. Hygiene recall is a significant factor in keeping a practice busy from day to day, week to week & month to month. Our KPI Dashboard gives a snapshot of the health of your practice. Since this custom dashboard automatically updates in real-time, there is no need to put together a lot of reports for review and discussion.

Thinking about the coming new year is also a good time to review your practice’s technology you already have in place.

  • How old is the software/hardware in your practice?
  • Is your software meeting all your requirements?
  • Perhaps there are updates & changes to both that need to be implemented to maintain system security.
  • Are you planning to add another location this year?

We at Dentistry Automation can help delve into your questions, sharing best practices that save time, while increasing production and collections of your practice. No matter where your dental practice is now, we can help you guide toward a successful dental practice. What are you looking for?

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Well, it’s that time of year: Analyze all your KPIs. Design a specific plan for your practice’s success. Be empowered. And then start your practice off with a few specific goals and believe us, you’ll set the pace for a prosperous 2021 perfectly! 😊

Here’s to a great and productive 2021 for you and your practice! We wish a very Happy New Year, in advance!