Keep your practice’s bottom-line rock solid even during the holiday season!


The festive season is upon us. That means holidays are coming up shortly and no-shows and cancellations may tend to rise during the holidays. Agree?

Well, how can you prevent that and keep your bottom-line rock solid even during the holiday season? If you agree or not, dental practices must work twice as hard to keep their appointment schedules full during the holiday season. Because people might be super busy with their personal works. So, dental practice’s front office staff must have their hands full communicating with patients and keeping track of their appointments.

Here, we’ve narrowed down the best tips on how to use an automated schedule to help your staff be more efficient during the holiday season. With a boost to your practice’s productivity, you’ll surely finish off the year off with a big bang!

Automate appointment reminders & confirmations

During holiday time, calling patients one-by-one to confirm their dental appointments is extremely time-consuming. So, it’s better to prefer automated reminders such as voice calls, emails, messages that reach patients instantly, which allow them to confirm or cancel their appointment in real-time with just a click of a button. This gives your front office staff more time to complete their important tasks.

Automated chatbots

You may have heard about artificial intelligence and chatbots taking over dentistry in recent times. Chatbots, however, are always on the clock and ready to answer the patient’s questions and help dentists to boost their practice’s bottom-line. As a result, dentists are drawn to pick up the chatbot approach in order to deepen their dentist-patient relationship. Dentists can also measure and track the performance, satisfaction, and effectiveness with just a click of a button.

Put your waiting list into turbo drive

The great way to keep track of patients with preferred appointment dates, dental emergencies, and outstanding emergencies is by managing your waiting list management.  While many dental practices still use pen and paper to manage this process, automated waiting lists increase administrative efficiency and the number of appointments booked.

Appointment scheduling applications like Interphase helps you keep track of requested appointments, including the type of treatment, patients’ preferred appointment dates and times, and other key information. When a cancellation happens, patients on the waiting list receive an email inviting them to book the next available slot. This helps your dental practice’s schedules stay filled at all times during the holiday season even when cancellations can be quite high.

Rely on custom practice management software that’s simple to use

Using the perfect dental practice management software is crucial in helping your dental practice run like a well-oiled machine.

Well, with this information and Dentistry Automation as your technology partner, you can ultimately be successful in meeting your practice’s goals and in becoming profitable.

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